Safe gadget


Immobilize an attacker for 30 seconds to get away safely from up to 15 feet away.
Discreet appearance with a light and compact form fits easily in a pocket or purse.
Powerful Lithium battery provides over 50 firings.
Use as a close proximity elctric shocker backup without the cartridge or after the cartridge is fired.
Low-intensity light illuminates for better visibility.
High-precision laser for greater accuracy.

The Survival Gadget has the same knock-down power as law enforcement electric shocker, yet only weighs seven ounces. This unit is lightweight, compact, and easily fits in a pocket or purse. The 15-foot cartridge allows for a safe distance between you and an attacker. When fired, the Survival Gadget will deliver a 30-second energy burst. During this 30-second window of opportunity while the attacker is incapacitated, you can set the unit down and get to safety. The Bolt can also be used as a close proximity electric shocker back without the cartridge or after the cartridge has been fired.


Survival Gadget
2 live Cartridges
High-quality Soft Carry-sleeve
Practice Target
Bolt quick-start guide

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